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Our Project

Multi-disciplinary Agro-farm in Tansen Palpa

Bricks investment Pvt. Ltd. is planning to invest in a multiple agro farm in Tansen Palpa. The project is acquiring 700-1000 ropani of land in lease including 400 ropani of paddy field for 15 years with the provision of extension of lease agreement. The project is expected to be started since 1st of Ashad 2074. In the month of Ashad, the plantation of 30 thousands fodder plants will be performed. Similarly, plantation of grasses will be conducted before the rainy season.

As per plan, by Ashoj 2074, a total of 100 female goats will be kept in the first phase. With the increasing production of grasses and fodder plants, the number of goat will be increased. In the next 3.5 years period, our plan of keeping 1000 female goat will be achieved.

By that time, we will construct about 40 goat sheds for a total of 4000 goats including mothers, male and kids. Our target of selling 1000 goat per year will be achieved in the year of 2077 with company’s net expected profit of about Rs. 1.5 corores per year. By that time, our staff working in the farm will be reached by 40. Our total property of investment will be reached over 3 corores. In parallel, we will start Trout fish culture, Asparagus plantation and paddy production.

Sufficient variety of grass production including fodder, sufficient corn production, and hygienic goat shed maintenance; disease preventive strategy including vaccination, goat insurance strategy will certainly lead us to the success. In the mean time, the help obtained from government including trainings to worker, fodder seeds and seedlings supply, Vet disease preventive and treatment plan, animal insurance policy, subsidy in infra structure development and maintenance will certainly be beneficial to our project.

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